Sitono offers sieves for dressing machines and grain cleaners of different types. Our offer includes high quality products designed for intensive exploitation. Thanks to the use of the best available materials and half a century of experience, our sieves are perfectly operational in any conditions. Dressing rooms and grain cleaners cannot work without good quality sieves and that is why the sieves constitute such an important element of their construction.

We offer sieves for many different types of grain cleaners like:

  • Schmidt-Seeger,
  • Kamas,
  • Selektra,
  • CZA,
  • Araj-BS-50,
  • FWK,
  • SWZ,
  • Petkus Gigant, Super. K-212, K-213, K-523, K-525, K-527, K-545, U-12, U-14,
    U-15, czy U-60.

The selection is very broad, thanks to our universal knowledge about sieves and perforated metal sheets that is an integral part of Sitono operation.