Perforating metal sheets using our forms ensures the highest possible quality combined with competitive prices and short production cycles. Everybody can find an option that matches their needs in relation to metal sheets and sieves of different shapes and perforation variants. Ranging from half a millimeter to six millimeters of thickness, many shape and size options, a variety of uses and potential benefits resulting from using the best of Sitono products. Over half a century of experience in the area of metal sheet and sieve production is a clear basis for considering Sitono as a reliable producer, as it is here that tradition is combined with state-of-the-art technology and former success is reforged into contemporary market needs.

Perforated metal sheets are made of:

  • aluminum sheets
  • acid resistant metal sheets
  • stainless steel sheets
  • steel sheets
  • copper sheets

as well as  laminate. We also offer perforations that individually match the client’s requirements for any type of sheet from 0,5mm to 6 mm thick.