Drum sieves are designed mainly for sifting machines whose task is to separate the material used for food production – different types of grain, fruit, and vegetables. They are effective in Ekonos and Morot machines, sifters, hullers, separators, scrubbers, and vegetable washers. They are safe, durable, and exceptionally efficient.

They are the final product of many years of development and they are produced with the use of the available materials in such a way so as to be usable for any food producer. They are relatively cheap and they make it possible to achieve higher production effectiveness and the best grain quality. It is worth investing in drum sieves – they are of invaluable help!

Sieves for briquetting presses are designed to create regular blocks of materials that could be easily stored as well as constituting the basis for fire fuel. The most characteristic type of briquettes is pellet briquettes (the name originates from the English word for granules). Pellets are pressed under high pressure thanks to which their burning quality can be compared with wood. Appropriate sieves can guarantee that those materials will be of the highest possible quality and that they will constitute good-quality production material.

What is important here is using appropriate materials and reliable workmanship to ensure that the briquettes produced are of very high quality. Well-manufactured sieves are a key element of the production process and in this case no mistakes are allowed. That is why Sitono products are so highly appreciated by briquette producers.

The grinder sieves that we offer are complete products – they combine exceptionally high quality with competitive price and production time. What you receive is sieves for machines like  H-151 (Big Tank), beaters, H-111 (Small Tank), MM5d, RB1/3, RB3/5, OMT-1, OMT-2, or OMT-4. This type of sieves is characterized with very precise workmanship of all the elements that constitute the final product which is the most useful part of the grinder. Anybody interested in the purchase of this type of sieves will surely find a product that matches their requirements.

It is also possible to adjust the production to the needs of individual clients whose requirements are key for us. All the sieves represent very high quality and they constitute a perfect completing element of many machines.