Sitono offers a range of sieves and metal sheets of different types, dimensions, and uses. Those who are interested in our offer can find practically any kind of such products, from sieves to dressing machines, through baking trays to med kits and machine brushes. Each of our products is characterized by  very high workmanship quality.



  • all types of cleaning sieves
  • machine sieves for the following machine types: Kamaz, Heid, Gompper, Schmidt-Seeger, PWK, SWZ, CZ, CZ Major, and ARAJ-BS-50.
  • sieves for Petkus dressing machines (Gigant, Super, U-60, U-40, U-15, U-12, K-545, K541, K-531, K-527, K-525, K-523, K-213) with wooden frames and scavenges
  • beaters and sieves for grinders RB1/3, RB3/5. OMT-4, OMT-2, OMT-1, and H-151 Big Tank)
  • sieves for pellet production
  • sieves for briquetting machines
  • barrel sieves
  • grinder sieves
  • perforated sieves
  • sieves with wicker wire mesh (for fruit and vegetable sorting machines)
  • sieves for floor dryers

Steel sheets:

  • baking trays for bread, rolls, baguettes, puff pastry
  • decorative perforated trays (decorative elements for exhibition stands, shops, offices or flats)
  • screens (perforated steel sheets for suspended ceilings)


  • acid-fast sifts
  • aluminum sifts
  • machine brushes
  • special baking trays for baking bread and cakes
  • laminate perforation
  • perforated tables (for offices, hotels, exhibition stands, shops)
  • perforated waste containers (for indoor as well as outdoor use)
  • med kits
  • cupboards (for workshops, garages, for oils and tools)
  • interior decoration elements (perforated balcony elements, railings, for cupboards, interiors, heater covers)
  • furniture finishing (perforated)
  • decorative elements: ashtrays, flower pots, phone bases

We also offer a special service of creating decorative perforations for all kinds of metal sheets 0,5 to 5 millimeters thick (acid resistant steel, steel) as well as of 5 millimeter thick sheets of laminate or aluminum with any hole shapes. We design perforations that individually match the client’s requirements.
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