The  “Wytwórnia Sit i Siatek” company was founded in 1955 near a flour mill owned by Walerian Nowakowski. In 1953, the mill was nationalized and Walerian Nowakowski used the experience that he gained while grinding, bruising, and cleaning cereal grain in starting a workshop that produced sieves to serve the needs mentioned above.

At that time, four workers were employed in the workshop and the range of products that it produced included sieves for about 9 types of machines.
The sieves produced in the workshop ensured operation of cleaning machines for:

  • four basic cereal grains,
  • pea and lupin,
  • seminiferous grass, others.

At the beginning, the sieves were produced manually, using a balance and a press.
Due to the lack of sieve producing workshops in the country, the production and expedition of the company products encompassed all of the territory of Poland.

After Walerian Nowakowski’s death in 1972, the company was taken over by his son Tomasz, who restarted it on 1st April 1973 after a short break under the name “SITONO”. The name is not random, as it consists of three syllables that are important for the company: SI – sieves, TO – Tomasz, and NO – Nowakowski.

At the age of 21, with his vocational education in the area of agriculture machinery and a master craftsman’s certificate, Tomasz Nowakowski started to energetically reorganize the sieve production works, focusing on modernizing it, especially with respect to the machine park and the sieve production method.

Within 30 years of his work, Tomasz Nowakowski expanded the range of sieve products offered by the company for all types of domestic and foreign production machinery used in agriculture and food industry. His great sense of organization and expert knowledge made it possible for Tomasz Nowakowski to increase the production output multiple times in relation to the preceding years.

In 2003, Tomasz Nowakowski handed the company down to his son: Krzysztof Nowakowski who, despite his young age, runs all the business and organization matters by himself.

From the very beginning, the most important value for Krzysztof has been the high quality of the sieves that the company produces and the services that it provides.The clients can appreciate the quality thanks to the introduction of the Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard in the Sitono Sieve Works.

Additionally, in January 2009, the Sitono Sieve Works was awarded the International Primus Nominatus Certificate that distinguishes the company for the precision of workmanship of products made of perforated metal sheets as well as sieves and drop ceiling tiles.

Working in a company with traditions, in a family atmosphere, ensures high professional satisfaction of the staff which translates into their engagement and efficiency in what they do, and, in the same time, into the satisfaction of the clients.